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Planetarium Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is younger than the age listed in the show description, may they still attend?
Yes, all ages are welcome at the Planetarium. The show description is a suggestion of the content level for any of our programs and full dome movies. We do ask parents/chaperones of younger guests to monitor them closely and if they get antsy, scared, etc. for any reason to take them out to the lobby so as not to distract other patrons.

2. I do not see a link to buy tickets online any longer. How can I buy tickets?
If you do not see a link to the show date/time you are looking for it could be for a few reasons. We close online ticket sales approximately ~1 hour before the show start time, tickets may still be available at the door, please call 408-864-8814 for information. It is also possible the show is sold out and no additional tickets remain. That would be listed on the show title on our calendar here. Lastly, there may simply be an error in the system, and you can always email for assistance.

3. I would like to purchase group tickets. Is there a discount? How can I purchase them?
We would love to have your group come and visit us for a Saturday public show. While we do not offer group ticket discounts, we can set aside a number of tickets for your group. The point of contact or organizer can pay for those who attend the day of the show. Please note there is no food/drink in the Planetarium, and we do not have an "event space" for before or after the show. You can email for tickets & availability. Please include the date, time and desired number of tickets in your email.

4. I would like to hold a birthday party at the Planetarium. How can I do this?
We love to celebrate birthdays at the Planetarium. There are a couple options for hosting a birthday at the Planetarium; you may attend a Saturday public show or schedule a private rental based on availability. Both options include a full dome movie and live presentation of the night sky. The Planetarium building does not have a place for food/drinks or other birthday related activities. However, there is a sunken quad next door to the building that can be used for party-related activities, but it is a public space and cannot be reserved or sectioned off. You can email for tickets & availability. Please include the date, time and desired number of tickets in your email.

5. How do I pay for parking?
Parking will be FREE through 2024 . We will update here and our website if and when that changes.

6. Where do I park? How do I find the Planetarium?
We are located at the South side of campus in the Science Quad. Follow Campus Drive until you find Parking Lot E, following the signs for the Science Center, the Child Development Center, and the football field. While you may park in other lots, Lot E is the closest one to the Planetarium, with the most direct path. Parking through 2024 will remain free. If and when that changes, we will update guests. You can view the campus map here or get Google Maps Directions here.
7. Why do I need to register as a student to buy a Planetarium ticket?
When purchasing tickets for a planetarium show you will need to create a “student” account. This is different from registering for the De Anza College, and is only for Community Education programs. You may already have an account if you have registered a student for the De Anza Academy, previously purchased planetarium tickets, or taken a Short Course. If you need help creating or accessing your account, please email You will need to create an account to purchase online, but depending on ticket availability you may be able to purchase tickets at the door and bypass creating an online account. However, we do encourage you to purchase tickets online to guarantee tickets to popular shows

See you in the Dome!