FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions - Short Courses

What are Short Courses? Short Courses are offered through the Office of Community Education at De Anza College. The catalog of classes are created in the fall (August-December) and winter/spring (January-April). We offer hundreds of classes each quarter on a wide variety of topics and interests.

Will I earn credits for a course I take? Most courses offered in Community Education are for enrichment purposes only and students do not obtain any formal academic credit. In select instances, students may obtain certification by successfully completing a course or program. If a course does offer a certification, it will be stated in the course description. Certifications will not be issued by the Community Education Office, but by the sponsoring agency/vendor of the class.

How do I register online? We strongly recommend all students register online. To register, simply find the course you wish to enroll and add it to the shopping cart. New students will be asked to create a student profile and returning students will be asked to sign in to their account. Once a profile has been created and/or a student has signed into their account, they may continue to shop for classes or proceed to checkout. Please follow credit card payment instructions. We accept Mastercard/VISA/Discover. After the transactions has been completed, all students will receive an email confirmation. When registering, don't forget to include your email address!

How else may I register for a class? Students may also register by phone, mail, or as a walk-in on the day of class. You may find our program contact information here. Students will need to use the registration form located in the back of the paper catalog.  Please note: If students wish to walk-in and register on the day of class, we highly recommend students call our office prior to ensure the class is running as scheduled and space is available.

How do I request a refund or credit voucher for a Short Course? For auditing purposes, all refund requests must be done in writing. Students may send a fax or email to our office. Requests must be made 7 days before the start of the class. A $20 processing charge per class will be deducted for any refunds issued. Students may also opt to receive a credit voucher in lieu of a refund. Should students opt for obtaining a credit voucher, the $20 per class processing fee will be waived.

Please note: The refund policy listed above does NOT apply to the Extended Year Youth Summer Program or Planetarium Show Tickets. Please visit extendedyear.deanza.edu or planetarium.deanza.edu for program details.

What does parking cost on campus? Parking on both the Foothill and De Anza College campuses is $3 per day, seven days a week. We recommend bringing both quarters and dollar bills. Some machines do accept credit cards. Parking passes are non-refundable.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions - "College for Kids" 

What is the De Anza College Extended Year Program and where does it take place?
The "College for Kids" - Extended Year Program is a fee-based enrichment program for kids and teens. Our exceptional instructors come from a variety of educational institutions across the Bay Area, including universities, colleges, public and private high schools and K-8 districts. All of our credentialed instructors possess expertise and passion for their specific instructional area and substantial experience teaching and working with young students. Our program offers enjoyable hands-on and project based learning.

This program is for students who are performing academically at or above grade level and are entering first to tenth grade.

This program is supplemental enrichment only; students are not assigned letter grades or school credit. Some homework is assigned in some of the middle school classes. Students’ English speaking, reading and writing skills need to be at grade level in order to fully benefit from our program.

Standard classes range in cost between $15 and $18 per class hour of instruction with the exception of specialty classes.

Specialty classes are priced individually based upon specialized instruction, specialty equipment, materials and/or textbooks used.

First Grade Prep classes cost approximately $11 per hour of instruction.

Art classes offered by the Euphrat Museum include all materials. Check course descriptions for specific details pertaining to each class.

REFUND REQUEST - DEADLINE JUNE 2, 2017: All refund requests must be submitted in writing via email to: extendedyear@deanza.edu

  • Before April 3: Drop and refund requests will result in a $10 service fee per dropped class.
  • April 3-June 2: Drop and refund requests will result in a $30 service fee per dropped class.
  • June 3-16: Drop and refund requests will be considered for a 50% refund, on an individual basis, by the dean of Community Education.
  • After June 16: No refunds will be issued.
Disruptive and inappropriate student behavior will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from the program without a refund.

Students must already be enrolled in a class or classes in order to add another class to their schedule.  
  • Through June 12: Add classes online, over the phone or in person at the De Anza College Community Education office.
  • June 13-18: Registration is closed for adding classes until June 19.
  • June 19-21: Add classes in person at your registered school site only.
Class change requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis depending on class availability. Class change requests before June 13 must be submitted via e-mail to: extendedyear@deanza.edu
  • Before April 3: There is no fee for course change requests.
  • April 3-June 2: A $10 fee will be retained for all course change requests.
  • June 3-12: A $30 fee will be retained for all course change requests.
  • June 13-18: Registration is closed for changing classes until June 19.
  • June 19-21: Change classes in person at your registered school site only. A $30 fee will be retained for all course change requests.