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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions  - Short Courses

What are Short Courses? De Anza College’s Community Education courses are presented to provide lifelong learning opportunities and exposure to local recreation. The catalog of classes are created in the fall (August-December) and winter/spring (January-May). We offer hundreds of in-person and online courses each quarter on a wide variety of topics and interests.

Will I earn credits for a course I take? Courses offered in Community Education are for enrichment purposes only and students do not obtain any formal academic credit. In select instances, students may obtain a certification by successfully completing a course or program. 

Parking Information
All vehicles in De Anza College parking lots must display a parking permit at all times. No dates or vehicles are exempt. One-day parking permits cost $3 each and are available in red and yellow dispensers located in each student parking lot. Parking permits are non-refundable, even if your class has been cancelled.

How to Locate Rooms
The letters in each room designation define the quad and building in which the course is located. For the campus map, please click here. The numbers that follow define the room. Example: S-34 is located in the S3 building of the S-Quad. All G classrooms are located in the single G building.
Easy Ways to Enroll
All new students must create a student profile in the registration system before enrolling in a class. If you forget your username and password, you can retrieve it by clicking the “Forgot My Password” link on the sign-in page. To register, simply find the course you wish to enroll and add it to the shopping cart. New students will be asked to create a student profile and returning students will be asked to sign in to their account. Once a profile has been created and/or a student has signed into their account, they may continue to shop for classes or proceed to checkout. Please follow credit card payment instructions. We accept Mastercard/VISA/Discover. After the transactions has been completed, all students will receive an email confirmation. When registering, don't forget to include your email address!

  1. Online: Register online 24/7 with a valid Visa, MasterCard or Discover card. Visit for information and instructions to register online. If you need technical assistance, please call 408.864.8817.
  2. Register by Phone  - Call 408.864.8817 to register or to check class availability.
  3. In Person: Register at the Community Education office on the southwest corner of the Learning Center in room LC141 (across from the Learning Center West building).

Class Confirmation and Transaction Receipts
Once you create your student profile and enroll, you will receive the confirmation and receipt via email. You can also view the transaction receipt and class confirmation from the online registration system.
Materials Fees: In some cases, a materials fee may be charged. Unless otherwise noted, materials fees are to be paid by check or cash to the instructor at the first class meeting. Materials fees are non-refundable.
Campus Security

  • Weekdays: 408.864.5555
  • Weekends and Emergencies: 408.924.8000

Cancelled Classes
Should there be a need, both the Foothill-De Anza Community College District and De Anza College Community Education reserve the right to change and/or combine courses, programs, presenters and locations. If Community Education cancels a class, you will be notified no less than one business day prior to the start date via telephone or email. A full refund will be issued within two weeks of the cancellation.
Drop and Refund Policy
If you need to cancel a course, you must submit an email request to the Community Education office at least five business days prior to the first class. Holidays and campus closures are not considered business days. No phone requests for refunds will be accepted. A $15 processing fee per class will be deducted. Credit card refunds may take up to 30 working days to process.
Electronic Vouchers: Should you elect to receive an electronic voucher, the $15 processing fee will be waived. Vouchers are good for one calendar year from the date of issue. Refunds for Planetarium shows are not issued. There are no refunds after the electronic voucher has been processed. Please email to request a refund.
Absences and Fees: Refunds are not issued for absences nor prorated for late registration. Missed class meetings may not be made up in another class. The refund policy does NOT apply to the Extended Year Youth Summer Program or Planetarium Show Tickets. Please visit or for program details.
Interpreter Services
De Anza College is committed to providing sign language interpreting services for Community Education courses whenever possible, through a partnership with De Anza’s office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. Requests for interpreting services must be made 30 days in advance of a class start date. Please email to request services.
Additional Information
De Anza College is committed to equal opportunity regardless of age, gender, marital status, disability, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or other similar factors, for admission to the college, enrollment in classes, student services, financial aid and employment. Instructor’s personal views and statements do not necessarily reflect those of De Anza College.
De Anza College assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise from a student’s decision to enter into business or professional arrangements with an instructor outside of the college’s scheduled activity. All instructors are prohibited from entering into business relationships with Community Education students during class.


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions - De Anza College Academy Summer Classes (Extended Year)

What is the De Anza College Academy Summer Classes Program and where does it take place?
The "De Anza College Academy" is a fee-based enrichment program for kids and teens. Our exceptional instructors come from a variety of educational institutions across the Bay Area, including universities, colleges, public and private high schools and K-8 districts. All of our credentialed instructors possess expertise and passion for their specific instructional area and substantial experience teaching and working with young students. Our program offers enjoyable hands-on and project based learning.

This program is for students who are entering first to twelfth grade. Students are not assigned letter grades or school credit. Supplemental homework is assigned in some of the middle school classes. Students’ English speaking, reading and writing skills need to be at grade level in order to fully benefit from our program.

Art classes offered by the Euphrat Museum include all materials. Check course descriptions for specific details pertaining to each class.

  - Grades 1-9: Register Feb. 21-June 11
  - Grades 10-12: Register Feb. 21-July 9
  - One-week camp registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday before each camp begins.

When you’re ready to enroll, follow the simple, easy steps listed online to register. All student class registrations require a parent or guardian to complete the emergency medical release and information form before completing the registration.
Once payment is successfully processed, you will receive a class confirmation by email.
Students should enroll at the grade level they will enter in Fall 2018. For example, if your student is completing fifth grade in June 2018, she or he should enroll in sixth-grade level classes.
Grades 1-9: If you want your student to remain on the school site for more than one class period, you should enroll her or him in classes that are held consecutively (without a gap between them). Students should be picked up immediately after their last class of the day.
Grades 10-12: Students may select classes in any combination. Please be advised that students will be supervised during class time only. 
Students may register for one to five classes per day (for selected school sites), and may register for one or more of our grade-level-appropriate, one-week specialty camps.

You will be notified by email of room assignments for each of your child’s classes a few days before the start of the program.

Room listings may also be found online the week before the start of the program. They will be posted at each school site on the first day of classes.
Student Conduct, Supervision and Breaks
Students must observe all school rules while on campus. Failure to follow rules may result in removal from the program.
In grades 1-9, students will be supervised during morning and lunch breaks; however, there is no supervision for students before or after the program. Please send a snack with your student each day for morning and lunch breaks, as food service is not available. Any parents coming to campus MUST check in at the administration office. Parents may not wait for their child outside the classroom.
In grades 10-12 on the De Anza College campus, students will be supervised during class time only. Parents may not attend class with their students. Parking permits are required outside of drop-off zones and can be purchased daily for $3 or quarterly from the college Police Department.
Review Your Class Confirmations
To ensure your child is in the correct class and school site, please review the confirmation and transaction receipts that will be emailed to you at the time of enrollment. You may also log in to the registration system with your chosen username and password at any time.
Reporting Student Absences
In grades 1-9, beginning June 18, please call the school your student is attending when he or she is absent. School phone numbers may be found at the De Anza College Academy website a few days prior to the start of the program.
For all camps and grade 10-12 classes held on the De Anza College campus, please call the Community Education office at 408.864.8817 to report absences.

REFUND REQUEST DEADLINE TBD 2019: All refund requests must be submitted in writing via email to:

  • Before TBD: Drop and refund requests will result in a $10 service fee per dropped class.
  • TBD: Drop and refund requests will result in a $30 service fee per dropped class.
  • TBD: Drop and refund requests will be considered for a 50% refund, on an individual basis, by the dean of Community Education.
  • TBD: No refunds will be issued.
Disruptive and inappropriate student behavior will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from the program without a refund.

Students must already be enrolled in a class or classes in order to add another class to their schedule.  
  • Through TBD: Add classes online, over the phone or in person at the De Anza College Community Education office.
  • June TBD: Registration is closed for adding classes until TBD.
  • June TBD: Add classes in person at your registered school site only.
Class change requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis depending on class availability. Class change requests before June 13 must be submitted via e-mail to:
  • Before April TBD: There is no fee for course change requests.
  • April TBD-June TBD: A $10 fee will be retained for all course change requests.
  • June TBD: A $30 fee will be retained for all course change requests.
  • June TBD: Registration is closed for changing classes until June 19.
  • June TBD: Change classes in person at your registered school site only. A $30 fee will be retained for all course change requests.