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Academy Students - to access your Academy Canvas account please follow the instructions below and remember:

  • Always go through your Augusoft account to access your Canvas class or classes.

  • If you need to make changes to your Augusoft account, please reach out to our office.

The only way to access your De Anza College Academy Canvas courses is through the Augusoft registration system. Please login with your Augusoft username and password here: 
1. Select "Current Registrations" from the menu bar on the left.
drop down menu
2. Then select the "Current Registrations" tab.

3. Click the "go to class" link under the "Class Location" column.
list of current class registrations

4. Follow the directions on the Welcome to Augusoft/Canvas screen.

5. Your username will populate automatically. Enter the password you copied from the last page and click "Log In"
  • Do not use the forgot password link on this page. If you need to reset or access your password, go back to the "Welcome to Augusoft/Canvas" screen.
login page for canvas account
**It is IMPORTANT to remember the following once you are logged in to your Canvas account:
  • Do not make any changes to your student profile within Canvas such as "ways to contact" or "notifications". These features are disabled in the Community Education sub account.
  • Always log out of Canvas when you finish your session, especially if you are sharing a computer with other members of your household. 
  • Your Canvas password is available and can be reset only through the "Welcome to Augusoft/Canvas" window described above. That opens when you click the "go to class" link from your Augusoft account.

6. After you login to your Canvas account, click the "Dashboard" icon in the global navigation menu on the left to see your student dashboard showing the classes in which you are enrolled. Note: classes may not be visible to you until the first day of class.

7. To join the Zoom session for your class, first click the appropiate class tile. Then click the Zoom link in the class navigation menu on the left.


The video below will show you a brief Canvas overview and instructions for navigating your Canvas classes.
Need help? contact our office at: