Registration Dates: March 6 to June 12

Program dates: June 19 to July 14 

Middle School classes are for students entering grades 6 through 10.  

Directions to Lawson Middle School

STEP 1. Check the grids below for available classes. Select a section code (e.g., C1, C2, C3 or C4) for class information and to add the class to your cart. 

Correct Schedule: Vocabulary 8001.C1, Java 8007.C2, Writing 8006.C3 and Math 8010.C4 
Incorrect Schedule: Math 8010.C1, Math 8010.C2, Math 8010.C3 and Math 8010.C4

  • Sold out sections will be noted as FULL. 
  • Blank spaces without section codes are not available for registration

Students should only enroll in one section per class and do not need to attend a full day to participate in the program.

STEP 2. Once you’ve added your first class to the cart, the system will prompt you to sign-in or create an account.  Forgot your username? Forgot your password? Still can't login? Send us an email

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If you have any questions, please call 408.864.8817 or email

View the 2017 Catalog for complete details regarding refunds and course change policies prior to registration. 

  Period C1 Period C2 Period C3 Period C4 Fee
  8:45 - 9:40 9:45 - 10:40 11:00 - 11:55 12:00 to 12:55  
Grade 6 Math Overview: Rates, Ratios,

Fractions and Problem Solving

7001.C1 7001.C2 7001.C3 7001.C4 $305
6-7 Basketball 7002.C1   FULL   $305
6-7 Essay Writing 7003.C1 7003.C2 7003.C3 7003.C4 $305
6-7 Public Speaking 7004.C1   FULL   $305
6-7 Vocabulary, Reading & Writing Skills 7005.C1 FULL 7005.C3   $305
6-8 Introduction to Java Programming [2 hours] FULL     $715
6-8 Introduction to Python Programming [2 hours]     FULL $715
6-8 LEGO Computer Robotics: Ingenious Engineering [2 hours] 7008.C1 FULL $635
6-9 Digital Cartooning and Comics FULL       $335
6-9 Drawing and Painting Studio   7010.C2   7010.C4 $305
6-9 Fashion Design   7011.C2 7011.C3   $305
6-9 Graphic Design and Digital Art     FULL FULL $335
6-9 Sculpture and Ceramics   7013.C2 7013.C3   $305
6-9 Spanish - Beginning 7014.C1   7014.C3 7014.C4 $305
Grade 7 Math Overview: Proportion, 

Geometric Scaling, Expressions and Problem Solving

7015.C1 7015.C2 7015.C3 7015.C4 $305
7-8 Geometry and Spatial Sense 7016.C1 7016.C2 7016.C3   $305
7-9 Advanced Middle School Writing [2 Hours] FULL     $595
7-9 Design with Model Making & Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)   7018.C2 7018.C3 7018.C4 $335
7-9 Introduction to Digital Electronics 7019.C1 7019.C2 7019.C3 7019.C4 $395
7-9 More Fun with Physics and Engineering 7020.C1 7020.C2 7020.C3 7020.C4 $305
7-9 Spanish - Intermediate   7021.C2     $305
7-10 Digital Cartooning and Comics   FULL     $335
7-10 Drawing and Painting Studio     7023.C3   $305
7-10 Sculpture and Ceramics       7024.C4 $305
8-9 Algebra 1: Foundations for Linear, 

Quadratic & Exponential Functions

7025.C1 7025.C2 7025.C3 7025.C4 $305
8-9 Essay Writing: Crafting the Essay 7026.C1 7026.C2 7026.C3 7026.C4 $305
8-9 Introduction to High School Biology Labs and Skills 7027.C1 7027.C2 7027.C3 7027.C4 $305
8-10 Algebra 2: Foundations for Polynomial, 

Rational and Logarithmic Functions

7028.C1 7028.C20 7028.C3 7028.C4 $305
8-10 Basketball   7029.C2   FULL $305
8-10 Introduction to High School Geometry & Spatial Sense   FULL FULL   $305
8-10 Introduction to High School Probability and Statistics 7031.C1     7031.C4 $305
8-10 Introduction to Java Programming [2 hours]     FULL $715
8-10 Introduction to Python Programming [2 hours] FULL     $715
8-10 PSAT Preparation: Verbal 7034.C1 7034.C2 7034.C3 7034.C4 $335
8-10 Public Speaking   7035.C2   7035.C4 $305
9-10 Advanced High School Writing [2 Hours]     7036.C3 $595
9-10 Chemistry Fundamentals 7037.C1 7037.C2 7037.C3 7037.C4 $305
9-10 Expository Reading and Writing [2 Hours] FULL NEW7038.C3 $595
9-10 Trigonometry, Functions and Applications 7039.C1   7039.C3 7039.C4 $305